Cryptocurrencies and tokens are probably the most innovative asset class and certainly the one most unexplored.

Bancor Trust Asset Management sro is authorised by Czech National Bank and deals exclusively with Qualified Investors, both by law and on demand, as defined by EU AIFM Directive

Exclusive solutions really fitting your needs


Each investor is unique for us and has its own perspective, goals and expectations. That’s why we setup a wide range of investment solutions in order to satisfy all kind of needs.

Free of mind, secure short term investmentJust choose the right one for your needs

Zerorisk is our exclusive short term investment proposal.

It’s based on a digital Repo, meaning purchasing a digital security and selling it at a future date and given price. The difference (Delta) is the totally sure profit


Our Certificates are investment contracts with different maturities, from 2 up to 5 years. The invested capital is guaranteed at the expiry date, so it is considered a risk-free instrument.

We have created an internal Fund available only for our customer.

The goal of the Fund is to achieve a strong and stable growth in any market situation.e


Bancor Trust Asset Management sro is a company authorised by Czech National Bank to manage Qualified Investors’s portfolios. As Asset Manager licensed in a EU member state, it may operate in the whole Union.

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